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Miriam Basset talking to the Children.

Jeff Lyell with intro welcome, Narika Whadcoat with the reading of Isaiah 43:1-13. Michael Carlisle Expanding on this reading.

Christ’s Redemption.

Michael Carlisle talking in Christ's Redemption, from 1Peter Chapter 1 and Psalm 107.

Daniel Carlisle Explains what our wrongs do to us.

He lifts up the Llowly

Michael Carlisle explaining the passages of the Bible verses from Mathew 11: 28-30 and Luke 1: 46-35

Philippians 5:1-24

Michael Carlisle reading and expanding Philippians 5:1-24

Lamentations 3:22-24

Trevor Davids speaking on the compassion of our God from Lamentations 

Romans 12:14-13:10

Jeff Lyell Talking on what God wants us to do with regards to our leaders commands.

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